Tiny Ore :Space Puzzle Games


Have you ever dreamt of being a hero to save the world? Here’s an opportunity.
In the 23rd century, people are facing with a huge energy shortage. Fortunately, the scientists have found out a tiny ore which contains huge energy in the universe. All you need to do is exploring the planets, and transporting them back to Earth in proper ways with the magnetic tools.… Read the rest

Zombie Boom Has Released




zombie, explosive and chain reaction. All elements combined together to bring funny and amusing experience for players.

What you have to do is to use the weapon on your hand and throw them in groups of zombie and wait for explosion. You may experience difference scenes, stories and tasks. What you have to do is to complete these tasks and kill all zombies you saw and strive to survive in this doom-like world.Read the rest


Two reviews for Bravo Jump .Thank  Appadvice and Kinderappgarten for your reviews.

  Appadvice Original Link:http://appadvice.com/appnn/2012/06/quickadvice-bravojump

 This simple game requires players only to tap the screen to make the brave schoolboy jump. In order to defend a terrified classmate from playground bullies, the boy must jump over a rope that moves at various speeds and angles.

Players tap the screen at the correct time to make the boy jump.… Read the rest

Bravo Jump Released

Jumping! Jumping! Brave jump!

Merciless ridicule those ruffian who are bullying the vulnerable children. Be careful not to be stumbled by the rope, they’re cunning. You have only 3 chances, otherwise the challenge will end. Tap longer, jump higher.Complete achievements to unlock various skills,through the Game Center challenge in the highest throne in the world.



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Bravo Jump is coming soon

Game type: action
Game price: $0.99

Hello everybody:

Sudo Game is about to introduce a new game “Bravo Jump”. It will be launched synchronously on iphone,ipad and ipod touch.We have submitted it to Apple for consideration and hope it can be permitted soon.
During this period of time, we’d like to tell you a tip. Our NPC move speed is always changing.… Read the rest

What is Bravo Jump?

Bravo Jump, a unique action game ,is the best one you ever did see!Two small bullies play a small trick to deceive children’s pocket money. The only way to beat them is Bravo Jump, but children can’t do that alone. They need your help.

In Bravo Jump,you will help children jump over the rope. Obviously, it’s never quite that easy, is it?… Read the rest

Carnival Bullseye will be free for limited time!

Would you want to save money while enjoy funny?Carnival Bullseye will bring it to you!
I am willing to tell you details.
The paid app Carnival Bullseye HD
http://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/carnival-bullseye/id501937421?mt=8 will go free for 5 days from 23th to 27th May. I’m sure you don’t want to lose an opportunity to get this highly addictive game for your devises absolutely free, without any limitations, for as long as you want.… Read the rest